8 Tips for the Perfect Groom Preparation Photo Shoot

8 Tips for the Perfect Groom Preparation Photo Shoot 2


Your perfect wedding day is not the right time to improvise and everything should go flawlessly. Here are 8 tips that will help you have a perfect groom preparation photo shoot.

1. The Bow Tie and Boutonniere Challenge

This is a big one! We guys rarely tie a bow tie so on the wedding day it is one of the most common issues the groom faces.

Here is a video on how to tie a bow tie. Enjoy it and have it handy on your wedding day! Ideally, you might want to learn how to tie it before your big day...


The same applies to boutonnieres. Here is a video on how to make a DYI boutonniere and how to pin it.

2. Make Sure All Important People are Present

Often the groom's parents are so busy organizing the special event that they don't take the time to enjoy the day and take photos.

Please ask your parents to be there with you and to take 10 minutes to join us for a quick photo shoot.

Also, all the groomsmen should be present and dressed up so we can start shooting...oh, and most important, the groomsmen should be sober-ish.

3. No Bachelor Party the Night Before Your Wedding

Bachelor parties can go a little wild when alcohol is involved...let's leave it there for now. How should we put this nicely? Please do not have your bachelor party the night before your big day. Some side effects include headaches, a blurred vision and a slight alcohol breath.

In instances when the groom had a night out with the boys or a bachelor party, the gentlemen's photo shoot was a disaster. The guys were late, hungover, uncooperative, looking extremely tired and unhappy, etc.

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Our point? The night before your wedding is not the best time for a wild party.

4. Open The Gifts When The Photographers Are There

Often the bride and groom exchange gifts on the wedding day, the most common one being an expensive watch, a letter or a bottle of liquor. If that happens, please give photographers heads up before your wedding day or before you open it so they can capture your reactions.

After you open it, please keep the gift handy so photographers can immortalize it as it is part of your big day.

5. Keep Your Room Clean

If the room is tidy, that will show in your wedding photos. Common sense? Sure, but when you are under time constraints, you will forget about keeping your room clean.

If the getting ready room is a mess, (hey, it happens to all of us), go to a bar or a park if the weather cooperates.

6. When Photographers Arrive, You Should Be Wearing Your Pants and Shirt

To save precious time, try to be dressed when photographers arrive. That way they can start taking photos of you as opposed to wasting time. The same applies to the groomsmen.

7. Have Your Wedding Details Handy

Please have all the wedding details waiting on a table. More specifically, the watch, belt, shoes, bowtie etc.

If you somehow run late, photographers will start taking pictures of those details instead of killing time.

8. Large Rooms Facing North Are Perfect

If we could design the perfect room for the groom preparation it would be a large room with huge windows, facing North. Also, the walls would be dark coloured to create the perfect background for your wedding portraits. On the other hand, if you like the airy look, choose a room painted in bright colors.

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Wedding days are packed with events and you want your day to start well. The above tips will help you help us take great images of you and the guys.

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