New York Wedding Officiants Prices (Updated in 2020)

Wedding Officiants Prices in New York

How much does a wedding officiant cost in the NYC? We did the research for you and here are our findings. The average wedding officiant price in New York runs between $500 and $600. The packages include the ceremony and on-site rehearsal.

Company NamePrice
Rudy Hezeenhttps://rudyheezen.com475Toronto, ON, Canada
Wedding Officiant Canada, ON, Canada
Enduring Promiseshttp://www.enduringpromises.com635Toronto, ON, Canada
La Buick Ceremonieshttp://labuick.com550Toronto, ON, Canada
Ceremonies With Choice, ON, Canada
Tracy B Richardshttp://tracybrichardsofficiant.com675Toronto, ON, Canada
Rabbi David Gellman, ON, Canada
Rev. Mauren McLellanhttp://www.imarryu.ca625Toronto, ON, Canada
Garry Francis Officiating Servicehttps://garryfrancis.com695Toronto, ON, Canada
Inclusive I Do's, ON, Canada
Paula De Novahttp://www.ontarioweds.com450Toronto, ON, Canada
Kettle Creek Weddingshttp://kettlecreekweddings.com575Toronto, ON, Canada
Wedding Officiant Canadahttps://www.weddingofficiantcanada.com550Toronto, ON, Canada
Best of Bridehttps://www.bestforbride.com650Toronto, ON, Canada
Wedding Heavenhttps://weddingheaven.ca650Toronto, ON, Canada
Toronto Wedding Chapelhttps://torontoweddingchapel.com700Toronto, ON, Canada
Dream Wedding Officiantshttps://dreamweddingofficiants.com559Toronto, ON, Canada
Wedding Where You Wanthttp://www.weddingwhereyouwant.com400Toronto, ON, Canada
Al Howsehttp://alhowseofficiant.com550Toronto, ON, Canada
Durham Wedding Officiantshttps://durhamweddingofficiants.com650Toronto, ON, Canada
Aileen Dockertyhttps://aileendockerty.ca650Toronto, ON, Canada
Martin Weddingshttp://www.martinweddings.ca430Toronto, ON, Canada
White Orchidhttp://whiteorchidweddingofficiants.com498Toronto, ON, Canada
My Wedding Officianthttp://www.myweddingofficiant.ca674Toronto, ON, Canada
Woven Threadshttp://www.woven-threads.ca600Toronto, ON, Canada
Linda Wong Wedding Officianthttp://lindawongofficiant.com580Toronto, ON, Canada
Brad Lehmanhttp://bradlehmanofficiant.com550Toronto, ON, Canada
First Unitarianhttps://firstunitariantorontoofficiants.org500Toronto, ON, Canada
Weddings by Wade, ON, Canada
Ceremonies by Rickhttps://ceremoniesbyrick.com695Toronto, ON, Canada
Connie Buterahttp://www.ConnieButera.com450Toronto, ON, Canada
Rev. Ramon A Cruzhttp://www.gtawedding.com315Toronto, ON, Canada
Perfect Little Weddingshttp://www.perfectlittleweddings.ca800Toronto, ON, Canada
Weddings for Everyonehttp://www.weddingsforeveryone.ca625Toronto, ON, Canada
XO Life Celebrationshttp://www.xolifecelebrations.com625Toronto, ON, Canada
Weddings With Lorihttps://weddingswithlori.com475Toronto, ON, Canada
Custom Wedding Ceremonieshttp://customweddingceremonies.ca1000Toronto, ON, Canada
Brella Ceremonieshttp://brellaceremonies.com700Toronto, ON, Canada
AEIC Weddingshttp://www.aeicweddings.com525Toronto, ON, Canada
Transcendent Ceremonieshttps://www.transcendentceremonies.com650Toronto, ON, Canada
Heritage Weddingshttp://heritageweddings.ca450Toronto, ON, Canada
Diane Hillhttp://diannehillofficiant.com400Toronto, ON, Canada
I DO I DO Wedding Officiantshttp://www.idoidowo.ca675Toronto, ON, Canada
The Wow Whispererhttps://thevowwhisperer.com600New York, NY, United States (US)
Our Wedding Officiant York, NY, United States (US)
Wedding Officiant NYC York, NY, United States (US)
Common Ground Ceremonieshttps://commongroundceremonies.com750New York, NY, United States (US)
Honey Break Officiantshttps://www.honeybreakofficiants.com700New York, NY, United States (US)
Weddings R Ushttp://www.weddingsrus.org600New York, NY, United States (US)
Ceremony of a Lifetimehttps://ceremonyofalifetime.com700New York, NY, United States (US)
Kevin Bain Ceremonieshttp://kevinbainceremonies.com600New York, NY, United States (US)
Reverend Ron Sheppardhttps://www.reverendronsheppard.com500New York, NY, United States (US)
Harborlight Weddingshttps://www.harborlightweddings.com800New York, NY, United States (US)
Spirited Weddings with Deborah Rothhttps://spiritedliving.com1100New York, NY, United States (US)
Rev. David Didiohttp://www.daviddidio.com750New York, NY, United States (US)
Reverend Monique Mariehttp://www.reverendmoniquemarie.com500New York, NY, United States (US)
Rabbi Gail F. Nalven York, NY, United States (US)
Loving Hearts Ceremonieshttps://www.lovingheartsceremonies.com1100New York, NY, United States (US)
Rev. Francesca Maniscohttps://reverendfrancesca.vpweb.com600New York, NY, United States (US)
Dave Goldstein Weddingshttps://goldsteinweddings.com1000New York, NY, United States (US)
Cantor Weddingshttp://www.cantorweddings.com1000New York, NY, United States (US)
Interfaith Ceremonieshttps://interfaith-ceremonies.net1100New York, NY, United States (US)
Weddings by Vladahttp://www.vvscatering.com300New York, NY, United States (US)
Ministry of the Enlightened York, NY, United States (US)
Rev. Diaz Wedding Enterprises York, NY, United States (US)
Rev. Annie NYC York, NY, United States (US)
Great Officiantshttps://www.greatofficiants.com450Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Celestial Wedding Officiantshttps://www.celestialweddingofficiants.com399Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Alizo's Weddings Angeles, CA, United States (US)
VP Notary Serviceshttps://vpnotaryservices.org450Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Pastor Joshua Kapchinskyhttps://www.joshuakapchinsky.com475Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Kevin Garcia Officianthttp://www.kgnotary.com400Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Rev. Mercedes Ibarrahttps://www.revmercy.com475Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
A.S. Notaryhttps://asnotaryofficiant.com350Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Married by Maricela Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Dream Wedding Officiant Angeles, CA, United States (US)
OC Weddingshttp://ocweddings.info400Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Endless Love Ceremonyhttps://www.endlessloveceremonies.com450Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Tie the Knot Ceremonieshttps://tietheknotceremonies.com500Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Weddings by Terrihttp://www.weddingsbyterri.com375Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Albertson Wedding Chapel Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Weddings by Christopher Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Seaside Ceremonies Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Hernandez Weddings Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Aisle Less Traveled, WA, United States (US)
Tie The Knot Ceremonies Angeles, CA, Los Angeles, United States (US)
Los Angeles Beach Weddings Angeles, CA, United States (US)
True Love Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Let's Get Married by Marie Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Let's Get Married by Marie Francisco, CA, United States (US)
Let's Get Married by Marie Springs, CA, United States (US)
Let's Get Married by Marie Diego, CA, United States (US)
Let's Get Married by Marie Luis Obispo, CA, United States (US)
Let's Get Married by Marie Barbara, CA, United States (US)
Let's Get Married by Marie, OR, United States (US)
Let's Get Married by Marie, WA, United States (US)
Let's Get Married by Marie, CA, United States (US)
Bellamy Loft Sheppard Ave W, Unit 4, North York, ON, M3K1Z9, Canada

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