New York Wedding Planners Prices (Updated in 2020)

A planner is the bride and groom's best helper and hiring one is highly recommended. From drafting the timeline of the day, finding the best vendors that fit the bride's budget and taste to making sure everything runs smoothly on the wedding day, the planner does it all. The average price of a  wedding planner in NYC runs between $1,200 and $1,800 for the "Month of Coordination." If you have the budget to hire a coordinator to plan your whole wedding, that will cost you on average $4,000 to $5,000 and can go as high as $20,000 if you want  a VIP planning.

Company NameMonth of CoordinationFull Wedding
S Events & Creationshttps://www.stephaniemiacoevents.com22003500Toronto, ontario, Toronto, Ontario, M9v 1n8, Canada
PS Eventfulhttp://weddingplanner-toronto.ca14504000Toronto, ON, Canada
Fusion Eventshttps://www.fusion-events.ca18006500Toronto, ON, Canada
Whim Event Planning & Designhttp://www.eventsbywhim.ca15005000Toronto, ON, Canada
Blissful Memories & Eventshttps://www.blissfulmemories.ca15005000Toronto, ON, Canada
Open Sky Weddingshttps://www.openskyweddings.com12003400Toronto, ON, Canada
Events by Elenahttps://www.eventsbyelena.com12004500Toronto, ON, Canada
All That Jaz Weddingshttp://www.allthatjaz.ca14005900Toronto, ON, Canada
Classy Affairshttps://www.classyaffairsto.com13005000Toronto, ON, Canada
Joy By Janicehttps://joybyjanice.com12005500Toronto, ON, Canada
Champagne & Cedarhttp://www.champagnecedar.com10004000Toronto, ON, Canada
Dukes & Daisies Weddings & Eventshttp://www.dukesanddaisies.ca11007000Toronto, ON, Canada
Ashley Pigott Eventshttp://www.ashleypigott.com850015000Toronto, ON, Canada
Creative Decadencehttps://www.creativedecadence.com15004950Toronto, ON, Canada
Impresario Eventshttps://impresarioevents.ca13003999Toronto, ON, Canada
Tracey McAteer Eventshttp://www.traceymcateerevents.com18507000Toronto, ON, Canada
Velvet Weddingshttp://velvetweddings.ca10003500Toronto, ON, Canada
Love by Lynzie Events + Designhttps://www.lovebylynzie.com19007900Toronto, ON, Canada
Art of Celebrationshttps://www.artofcelebrations.com45008000Toronto, ON, Canada
Designed Dream Wedding Planninghttps://www.designeddream.com17006500Toronto, ON, Canada
Rebecca Chan Weddings & Eventshttp://www.rebeccachan.ca230012900Toronto, ON, Canada
Marielle Gourlay Eventshttp://www.mariellegourlay.com12004500Toronto, ON, Canada
Liv Chic Eventshttps://www.livchicevents.com15005500Toronto, ON, Canada
Devoted to Youhttps://www.devotedtoyou.ca15009000Toronto, ON, Canada
Blush and Bowtieshttps://www.blushandbowties.ca15007000Toronto, ON, Canada
Shealyn Angus Weddings & Eventshttp://www.shealynangus.com25008500Toronto, ON, Canada
Swoon Eventshttps://www.swoonevents.ca12005500Toronto, ON, Canada
Confetti Event Designhttp://confettieventdesign.com15005000Toronto, ON, Canada
Wu La La Weddings and Eventshttps://www.wulalaweddings.com16504800Toronto, ON, Canada
Dancing and Desserthttps://www.dancinganddessert.com10007500Toronto, ON, Canada
Fleur Weddingshttps://www.fleurweddings.ca15005000Toronto, ON, Canada
Brocade Events, ON, Canada
Watson & Co. Events, ON, Canada
Glorious Eventshttps://gloriousevents.ca15002800Toronto, ON, Canada
Alfresco Wedding Plannerhttps://alfrescowedding.ca9004500Toronto, ON, Canada
Events by Sarah Meganhttps://www.eventsbysarahmegan.com9002200Toronto, ON, Canada
Olive Studio Planning and Event Designhttp://olivestudio.ca18007000Toronto, ON, Canada
Brilliant Weddingshttp://www.brilliantweddings.ca12005000Toronto, ON, Canada
Tracey M Events, ON, Canada
Bweddingshttps://www.bweddingsplanner.com12003800Toronto, ON, Canada
The Wedding Plannershttp://www.theweddingplanners.ca25005000Toronto, ON, Canada
Wedding Atelier, ON, Canada
Alinatohttps://www.alinato.com45008000New York, New York, NY, United States (US)
Peace of Mind Event Designhttp://www.pomeventstucson.com30004000New York, NY, United States (US)
Flairhttp://flairkc.com16002500Kansas City, KS, United States (US)
Skylar Arden Weddinghttp://skylarardeneventsanddesign.com500010000New York, NY, United States (US)
Not Your Mama's Plannerhttps://notyourmamasplanner.com450010000New York, NY, United States (US)
Events by Sheavonnehttps://eventsbysheavonne.com30005000New York, NY, United States (US)
Campbell Eventshttps://campbelleventsblog.com18505000New York, NY, United States (US)
Events by Ari Angeles, CA, United States (US)
888 Productions Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Silver Charm Events Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Coastyle Events Diego, CA, United States (US)
Creative Affairs Diego, CA, United States (US)
I Do Weddings and Events Diego, CA, United States (US)
Lavish Weddings Diego, CA, United States (US)
San Diego Events Company Diego, CA, United States (US)
The Best Wedding For You Diego, CA, United States (US)
The Best Wedding for You Angeles, CA, United States (US)
The Wedding Planner LA Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Lexi Lou Events Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Special Event Genie Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Dolce Vita Events Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Dolce Vita Events Diego, CA, United States (US)
Tessa Lyn Events Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Marquette Avenue Events, IL, United States (US)
Love KS Events Angeles, CA, United States (US)
The Wedding Planner LA Angeles, CA, United States (US)
XOXO Wedhttps://xoxowed.com45005500Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
XOXO Weddingshttps://xoxowed.com30004000Reno, NV, United States (US)
XOXO Weddingshttps://xoxowed.com30004000Tahoe, CA, United States (US)
XOXO Weddingshttps://xoxowed.com35005000Cincinnati, OH, United States (US)
Xoxo Weddingshttps://xoxowed.com35005000Chicago, IL, United States (US)
Dearest and Darlinhttp://www.dearestanddarling.com18004500Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Victoria Stephen Eventshttps://www.victoriastephenevents.com52507500Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Master Planshttps://master-plans.com600012000Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Paper Moon Event Design Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Romance and Revelry Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Romance and Revelry Barbara, CA, United States (US)
Los Angeles Executive Weddings Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Silver Charm Events Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Kiss and Say I Do Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Everdipity Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Feathered Arrow Angeles, CA, United States (US)

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