New York Wedding Videography Prices (Updated in 2020)

Wedding Videography Prices in New York

Many couples are looking for a videographer to document the beauty of their special day and they always wonder how much is a wedding videographer. According to our extensive research, the average cost of a wedding videographer runs between $2,000 and $3,000. That includes 8 hours of shooting on the wedding day, a 3-5 minute video with highlights of the day and the raw footage delivered on a DVD or a hard drive or cloud drive.

Prices include 8 hours of coverage, 1 videographer. All prices are in USD and do not include taxes. The data is presented for informational purposes only. For a firm quote and to confirm availability, please contact the vendors directly.

Company NamePrice
Alexandra Jakubowskahttps://www.ajphotographer.ca1372Toronto, ON, Canada
All This Happinesshttp://www.allthishappiness.com2800Toronto, ON, Canada
Am Motionhttp://www.ammotion.com2400Toronto, ON, Canada
Araya Filmshttps://www.arayafilms.com1299Toronto, ON, Canada
Archangel Productionshttp://www.archangelproduction.ca2333Toronto, ON, Canada
Archival Studiohttp://www.archvisualstudio.com1799Toronto, ON, Canada
Beautiful Life Studioshttps://beautifullifestudios.com2933Toronto, ON, Canada
Bright Sky Weddingshttps://www.brightskyweddings.com2799Toronto, ON, Canada
Captivate Photo Cinemahttps://captivatephotocinema.ca2750Toronto, ON, Canada
Captivate Studioshttp://www.captivate-studios.ca1600Toronto, ON, Canada
Ck Videohttp://www.ckvideo.ca1500Toronto, ON, Canada
Corinne McDonaldhttps://www.corinnemcdonaldfilms.com5995Toronto, ON, Canada
Ekena Filmshttps://eksenafilms.com3000Toronto, ON, Canada
Fantastic Workhttp://fantasticwork.ca1699Toronto, ON, Canada
Focus Productionshttps://www.focusphotography.ca2800Toronto, ON, Canada
Fresh Canadian Contenthttps://www.freshcanadiancontent.com1500Toronto, ON, Canada
Just Klik Productionhttps://www.justklikproductions.com3500Toronto, ON, Canada
Light the Dayhttp://www.lighttheday.ca2400Toronto, ON, Canada
Lithium Cinemahttp://www.lithiumcinema.ca2000Toronto, ON, Canada
Love Madlyhttp://lovemadly.ca3500Toronto, ON, Canada
Naturaly Captured, ON, Canada
Ondi Studiohttp://www.ondistudio.com1680Toronto, ON, Canada
Origin Filmshttps://originfilms.ca2400Toronto, ON, Canada
Pic Video Studiohttps://picvideostudio.com2000Toronto, ON, Canada
R2C Films, ON, Canada
Sage and Sea Co.https://www.sageandseaco.com4000Toronto, ON, Canada
Summerfield Filmshttp://summerfieldfilms.ca2350Toronto, ON, Canada
Tara Weddingshttps://taraweddings.ca3300Toronto, ON, Canada
Tied Phtoographyhttps://tiedphotography.com2600Toronto, ON, Canada
Toronto Wedding Photographerhttps://www.torontoweddingphotographer.com1150Toronto, ON, Canada
True Blue Entertainmenthttp://www.trueblueentertainment.ca2399Toronto, ON, Canada
Truth & Taleshttp://truthandtalesstudio.com3000Toronto, ON, Canada
Video Babylonhttp://www.videobabylon.ca1499Toronto, ON, Canada
Video Gemshttps://www.videogems.ca2500Toronto, ON, Canada
Wayne Kurtzhttp://waynekurtz.com2000Toronto, ON, Canada
Wedding Photographers Torontohttp://wedding-photographers-toronto.com1550Toronto, ON, Canada
Wedding Repshttps://weddingreps.com2650Toronto, ON, Canada
Willow Creek, ON, Canada
Yuri Rabinhttps://yurirabin.com1500Toronto, ON, Canada
Blush Wedding Filmshttp://blushweddingfilms.ca2750Toronto, ON, Canada
Power Pack Imageshttps://www.powerpackimages.com1600Toronto, ON, Canada
Elle and Behttp://rnbstudio.ca2400Toronto, ON, Canada
Exposes Studioshttp://www.exposestudios.com949Toronto, ON, Canada
Frame of Mindhttp://www.frameofmindphotography.com2571Toronto, ON, Canada
John and Samantha, ON, Canada
North Cinematichttp://www.northcinematic.com3695Toronto, ON, Canada
Serge Gree Photography and Videgraphyhttps://sergegree.com2000New York, NY, United States (US)
Shutter and Soundhttps://shutterandsound.com2950New York, NY, United States (US)
Le Imagehttps://www.leimageinc.com1599New York, NY, United States (US)
2 Bridgeshttps://www.2bridges.nyc1500New York, NY, United States (US)
The Cinema Factoryhttps://thecinemafactory.com1380New York, NY, United States (US)
Belinda Video Productionshttps://belindavideoproductions.com2700New York, NY, United States (US)
Chris Fighttps://www.chrisfig.com1800New York, NY, United States (US)
New Jersey Videographyhttps://www.newjerseyvideography.com1995New York, NY, United States (US)
NVP Studioshttps://nvpstudios.com2000New York, NY, United States (US)
Shutter & Soundhttps://shutterandsound.com2950New York, NY, United States (US)
DP Weddingshttps://dpweddings.com2900Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Toast Wedding Filmshttps://www.toastweddingfilms.com1849New York, NY, United States (US)
Villa Entertainmenthttps://www.villa-entertainment.com2650New York, NY, United States (US)
Petit Four Filmshttps://www.petitfourfilms.com2299New York, NY, United States (US)
Tweed Weddingshttps://tweedweddings.com2600New York, NY, United States (US)
Paper Boyshttps://www.paperboys.co4495New York, NY, United States (US)
TCE Weddingshttps://www.tceweddings.com1600New York, NY, United States (US)
We Cinema Films York, NY, United States (US)
Zanni Video York, NY, United States (US)
Atomic Tangerine Film Cohttps://www.atomictangerinefilms.com3500New York, NY, United States (US)
Reel Feels Weddingshttp://www.reelfeelsweddings.com5300New York, NY, United States (US)
Towards the Moonhttps://towardsthemoon.net1900New York, NY, United States (US)
Mint Wedding Cinematographyhttp://mintweddingcinematography.com2900New York, NY, United States (US)
A Better DJhttps://www.abetterdj.net699New York, NY, United States (US)
Hasselblad Studios Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Vanilla Brideshttps://vanillabrides.com4199Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Judy and Gavin Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Jordan Walsh Filmshttps://jordanwalshfilms.com3000Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Ever Two Films Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Middle House Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Shutter and Soundhttps://shutterandsound.com2950Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Shutter and Soundhttps://shutterandsound.com2600Atlanta, GA, United States (US)
Shutter and Soundhttps://shutterandsound.com3000Boston, MA, United States (US)
Shutter and Soundhttps://shutterandsound.com2200Chatlotte, NC, United States (US)
Shutter and Soundhttps://shutterandsound.com2950Chicago, IL, United States (US)
Shutter and Soundhttps://shutterandsound.com2900Dallas, TX, United States (US)
Shutter and Soundhttps://shutterandsound.com2400Denver, CO, United States (US)
Shutter and Soundhttps://shutterandsound.com2200Houston, TX, United States (US)
Shutter and Soundhttps://shutterandsound.com2950Miami, FL, United States (US)
Shutter and Soundhttps://shutterandsound.com2950Philadelphia, PA, United States (US)
Shutter and Soundhttps://shutterandsound.com2200Phoenix, AZ, United States (US)
Shutter and Sound Diego, CA, United States (US)
Shutter and Sound Francisco, CA, United States (US)
Shutter and Sound, WA, United States (US)
Shutter and Sound, DC, United States (US)
Nicholas Andrew Films Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Dirt Cheap Wedding Photographyhttps://www.dirtcheapweddingphotography.com1800Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Dirt Cheap Photographyhttps://www.dirtcheapweddingphotography.com2100San Diego, CA, United States (US)
Russel John Filmshttps://www.russelljohnfilms.com3200Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Five 8 Films Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Love Is Wedding Videographyhttps://loveis-weddingvideography.com2295Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
The Cine Storyhttps://www.cinestoryfilms.com3770Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Dmitry Shumanev Productionhttps://shumanev.com6000Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Cheap Event Lighting Rentalhttps://www.cheapeventlightingrental.com2100Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
The Moment Filmshttp://www.themomentfilms.com1999Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Andrew Fels Productionshttps://www.andrewfelsproductions.com2265Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
The Motion Picture Studiohttps://www.theemotionpicturestudio.com2933Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Lloyd Filmshttps://www.lloyd-films.com2295Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Lloyd Films Diego, CA, United States (US)
Dis Moi Oui Filmshttps://www.dismoiouifilms.com3400San Diego, CA, United States (US)
Dis Moi Oui Filmshttps://www.dismoiouifilms.com3400Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Rayne Filmshttps://www.raynefilms.com5495Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Vid Arthttps://vidart.org800Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Wedding Videographer Orange County Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Geaux Livehttp://geaux.live2393New Orleans, LA, United States (US)
Geaux Livehttp://geaux.live2393Baton Rouge, LA, United States (US)
Geaux Livehttp://geaux.live2393Lafayette, LA, United States (US)
888 Productions Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Mocha Tree Studioshttps://www.mochatreestudios.com3200Ottawa, ON, Canada
Box Top Film, ON, Canada
Films by Jinbonhttps://jinbon.ca3800Ottawa, ON, Canada
Hilary Elizabethhttps://www.hilaryelizabethphotography.net2950Ottawa, ON, Canada
Noah Davidson Filmhttps://www.noahdavidsonfilm.com1600Ottawa, ON, Canada
Focus Picturehttps://focuspicture.com2500Ottawa, ON, Canada
Long Mediahttp://longnmedia.com2960Ottawa, ON, Canada
Dear Darling, ON, Canada
Peaking Zebrahttps://www.peakingzebra.ca2800Ottawa, ON, Canada
Cooper St. Productions, ON, Canada
Reading Light Pictures, ON, Canada

A videographer costs around 4-6% of your wedding budget. The average price wedding videography in New York can run between $2,000 and $3,000 and sometimes can exceed $5,000. Packages usually include 8 to hours of coverage and two videographers.
InĀ  the US, couples pay between $1,500 and $2,500 for wedding photography services.

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