Toronto Wedding Planners Prices (Updated in 2020)

Toronto Wedding Planners Prices (Updated in 2020) 1
How much does a wedding planner cost? You can find the answer to this question and much more in the article below.

How Much Does a Wedding Planner Cost in the GTA?

A planner is the bride and groom's best helper and hiring one is highly recommended. From drafting the timeline of the day, finding the best vendors that fit the bride's budget and taste to making sure everything runs smoothly on the wedding day, the planner does it all. The average price of a  wedding planner in Toronto runs between $1,000 and $2,500 for the "Month-of Coordination." A whopping 95% of wedding planners in the Greater Toronto Area charge between $1,000 and $2,500 for the Month-of Coordination. Only 5% of the wedding planning companies charge over $2,500 for the same package.

69% of the Toronto full-service wedding planners charge between $4,000 and $7,000 for the Full Wedding package. If you are looking for a better deal, that is fine as 12% of the planners charge between $2,500 and $4,000 for the same package. Finally, 19% of planners charge over $7,000 to plan the whole wedding with the highest pricing at $20,000 for a true VIP planning.

According to the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada, the average wedding planner cost is $150 for the first hour and $50 to $100 for each of the additional hours.

Company NameMonth of CoordinationFull Wedding
S Events & Creationshttps://www.stephaniemiacoevents.com22003500Toronto, ontario, Toronto, Ontario, M9v 1n8, Canada
PS Eventfulhttp://weddingplanner-toronto.ca14504000Toronto, ON, Canada
Fusion Eventshttps://www.fusion-events.ca18006500Toronto, ON, Canada
Whim Event Planning & Designhttp://www.eventsbywhim.ca15005000Toronto, ON, Canada
Blissful Memories & Eventshttps://www.blissfulmemories.ca15005000Toronto, ON, Canada
Open Sky Weddingshttps://www.openskyweddings.com12003400Toronto, ON, Canada
Events by Elenahttps://www.eventsbyelena.com12004500Toronto, ON, Canada
All That Jaz Weddingshttp://www.allthatjaz.ca14005900Toronto, ON, Canada
Classy Affairshttps://www.classyaffairsto.com13005000Toronto, ON, Canada
Joy By Janicehttps://joybyjanice.com12005500Toronto, ON, Canada
Champagne & Cedarhttp://www.champagnecedar.com10004000Toronto, ON, Canada
Dukes & Daisies Weddings & Eventshttp://www.dukesanddaisies.ca11007000Toronto, ON, Canada
Ashley Pigott Eventshttp://www.ashleypigott.com850015000Toronto, ON, Canada
Creative Decadencehttps://www.creativedecadence.com15004950Toronto, ON, Canada
Impresario Eventshttps://impresarioevents.ca13003999Toronto, ON, Canada
Tracey McAteer Eventshttp://www.traceymcateerevents.com18507000Toronto, ON, Canada
Velvet Weddingshttp://velvetweddings.ca10003500Toronto, ON, Canada
Love by Lynzie Events + Designhttps://www.lovebylynzie.com19007900Toronto, ON, Canada
Art of Celebrationshttps://www.artofcelebrations.com45008000Toronto, ON, Canada
Designed Dream Wedding Planninghttps://www.designeddream.com17006500Toronto, ON, Canada
Rebecca Chan Weddings & Eventshttp://www.rebeccachan.ca230012900Toronto, ON, Canada
Marielle Gourlay Eventshttp://www.mariellegourlay.com12004500Toronto, ON, Canada
Liv Chic Eventshttps://www.livchicevents.com15005500Toronto, ON, Canada
Devoted to Youhttps://www.devotedtoyou.ca15009000Toronto, ON, Canada
Blush and Bowtieshttps://www.blushandbowties.ca15007000Toronto, ON, Canada
Shealyn Angus Weddings & Eventshttp://www.shealynangus.com25008500Toronto, ON, Canada
Swoon Eventshttps://www.swoonevents.ca12005500Toronto, ON, Canada
Confetti Event Designhttp://confettieventdesign.com15005000Toronto, ON, Canada
Wu La La Weddings and Eventshttps://www.wulalaweddings.com16504800Toronto, ON, Canada
Dancing and Desserthttps://www.dancinganddessert.com10007500Toronto, ON, Canada
Fleur Weddingshttps://www.fleurweddings.ca15005000Toronto, ON, Canada
Brocade Events, ON, Canada
Watson & Co. Events, ON, Canada
Glorious Eventshttps://gloriousevents.ca15002800Toronto, ON, Canada
Alfresco Wedding Plannerhttps://alfrescowedding.ca9004500Toronto, ON, Canada
Events by Sarah Meganhttps://www.eventsbysarahmegan.com9002200Toronto, ON, Canada
Olive Studio Planning and Event Designhttp://olivestudio.ca18007000Toronto, ON, Canada
Brilliant Weddingshttp://www.brilliantweddings.ca12005000Toronto, ON, Canada
Tracey M Events, ON, Canada
Bweddingshttps://www.bweddingsplanner.com12003800Toronto, ON, Canada
The Wedding Plannershttp://www.theweddingplanners.ca25005000Toronto, ON, Canada
Wedding Atelier, ON, Canada
Alinatohttps://www.alinato.com45008000New York, New York, NY, United States (US)
Peace of Mind Event Designhttp://www.pomeventstucson.com30004000New York, NY, United States (US)
Flairhttp://flairkc.com16002500Kansas City, KS, United States (US)
Skylar Arden Weddinghttp://skylarardeneventsanddesign.com500010000New York, NY, United States (US)
Not Your Mama's Plannerhttps://notyourmamasplanner.com450010000New York, NY, United States (US)
Events by Sheavonnehttps://eventsbysheavonne.com30005000New York, NY, United States (US)
Campbell Eventshttps://campbelleventsblog.com18505000New York, NY, United States (US)
Events by Ari Angeles, CA, United States (US)
888 Productions Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Silver Charm Events Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Coastyle Events Diego, CA, United States (US)
Creative Affairs Diego, CA, United States (US)
I Do Weddings and Events Diego, CA, United States (US)
Lavish Weddings Diego, CA, United States (US)
San Diego Events Company Diego, CA, United States (US)
The Best Wedding For You Diego, CA, United States (US)
The Best Wedding for You Angeles, CA, United States (US)
The Wedding Planner LA Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Lexi Lou Events Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Special Event Genie Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Dolce Vita Events Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Dolce Vita Events Diego, CA, United States (US)
Tessa Lyn Events Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Marquette Avenue Events, IL, United States (US)
Love KS Events Angeles, CA, United States (US)
The Wedding Planner LA Angeles, CA, United States (US)
XOXO Wedhttps://xoxowed.com45005500Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
XOXO Weddingshttps://xoxowed.com30004000Reno, NV, United States (US)
XOXO Weddingshttps://xoxowed.com30004000Tahoe, CA, United States (US)
XOXO Weddingshttps://xoxowed.com35005000Cincinnati, OH, United States (US)
Xoxo Weddingshttps://xoxowed.com35005000Chicago, IL, United States (US)
Dearest and Darlinhttp://www.dearestanddarling.com18004500Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Victoria Stephen Eventshttps://www.victoriastephenevents.com52507500Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Master Planshttps://master-plans.com600012000Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Paper Moon Event Design Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Romance and Revelry Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Romance and Revelry Barbara, CA, United States (US)
Los Angeles Executive Weddings Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Silver Charm Events Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Kiss and Say I Do Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Everdipity Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Feathered Arrow Angeles, CA, United States (US)

What Factors Influence Wedding Planning Packages?

Fame and Reputation

Well known planners who have hundreds of weddings under their belt can command higher prices while new entrants are forced to charge lower rates. After a decade or so of wedding industry presence, some coordinators have solid relationships with lead generating companies such as venues, houses of worship, photographers, videographers, etc. They cross reference business and form strong teams that guarantee success regardless of circumstances.

Time of Year

There are planners who charge lower rates during the slow season (October to April) and higher prices from May to September.

Pricing Structure

Some planners charge flat fees while others charge a percentage of the wedding budget. We consider that the percentage methodology is unfair  as for the same amount of work, the planners charge some customers more while others save money simply because they have a lower budget.

A flat fee listed on the website is the most transparent way of ensuring the client is treated fairly and avoids surprises when all is said and done.


Location directly determines the costs of the planner. A coordinator located in downtown Toronto will need to charge higher rates to make up for the higher costs (rent, parking, transportation, etc.)

Number of Guests

The number of guests can be a determining factor in the wedding coordinator's cost. It is definitely easier to plan a 20 people wedding than a special day with 500 guests.


A South Asian coordinator planning multiple day events will usually cost more than one specialized on one day celebration.

How Far in Advance the Couple Books the Planner

If you are the type of organized bride who plans well in advance, you will hire your planner very early. Chances are you will obtain a lower rate if your wedding is in a year versus another couple whose wedding is in 4 weeks.

How Much Planning is Needed

There are three tiers of packages offered by wedding coordinators. The entry level is the Day-of Coordination Package. The name of the package is a bit misleading as the coordinator will attend the rehearsal, visit the venue, create the big day timeline, manage communications between the planner and the other vendors (so that the couple can relax) and of coordinate the special day.

The next package is generally called Partial Planning or Month-of Coordination and includes the services listed under the Day-of Coordination plus several other duties such as selecting vendors, creating the timeline, help with tipping various vendors and more.

The Full Wedding planning negotiating contracts with vendors, creating seating lists, placement cards, making sure traditions are respected, creation of the bride's special theme, managing the relationship with the vendors, dealing with payments and so on. This package is for couples who do not want to be involved much in the details of the planning process and have the budget to hire the full-service wedding planner.

How Much Will it Cost You to Plan Your Big Day?

The generally accepted number of hours a bride has to spend planning her special day is 250 hours. As the minimum wage in Toronto is $14.25 it follows that a planner is worth $3,500, not to mention sleepless nights, stress and frustration dealing with vendors that lack good customer service. If you have the time the skills and energy you might want to organize your special event yourself.

If you don't have the budget or you are not the type of bride who wants everything perfect, you might want to consider asking one of your close friends or relatives to help.

What Should You Be Looking For

If you only search based on pricing, the only thing you will like in the end will be the pricing. More important in our opinion is to pick an experienced planner, well connected in the wedding industry, who can not only save you time and effort, but can also save you money by negotiated special deals with preferred vendors.

What Wedding Coordination Packages do Couples Prefer?

According to a survey done by the Knot, most couples hire Day-Of Coordinators (37% of brides). The second most popular package is the Full-Service one with 31% of the brides to be opting for this one.The least popular is the Month-Of package with only 16% of the brides booking it. The rest of the clients either don't hire a planner or opt for other types of coordination: Weekend Wedding Coordination or A-la-Carte. Please note that many venues offer the Day-Of coordinators so that percentage might be skewed.

Wedding Consulting

If you are a price conscious bride and don't want to book a planner, you might want to consider hiring a wedding consultant. Many planners offer such services and a 2 hour consultation will set you back $200-300 but might be a great investment it as the tips you will receive will help you save more than that amount.

What is the Difference Between a Wedding Planner and a Coordinator?

Think about a wedding planner as the strategist that plans your big day. He or she will create a strategy around the event and help you with the thousands of options, vendors selection based on the preferred professional list, negotiations, managing your budget, etc.

The coordinator is more of an implementer of the plan that the planner created. In other words, the planner deals with the strategy before the big day while the coordinator is the rock star on the wedding day ensuring the photographer is on time, the ceremony goes according to the plan and the reception is not delayed. The coordinator is the professional dealing with all the issues on your behalf on your big day.

Can You Afford a Planner?

We think the proper question you need to ask is if you can afford NOT to hire a planner. The amount of time and money saved by a planner offsets her fee and the peace of mind and joy of knowing your wedding is well taken care of is worth the price.

How Much SHOULD a Wedding Planner Charge?

Many professionals starting a new business ask themselves the obvious question: how much should they charge?

Hourly Charges

A new wedding planner will have little experience understanding how much time and energy is required to plan a special event. As such, instead of risking shooting themselves in the foot by charging a flat rate, many professionals might want to consider the hourly charge option.

The obvious difficulty is that when presented the bill, a couple can always challenge the amount of time spend on a particular task. "Why did it take you 2 hours to negotiate with the photographer? I could have done it in 30 minutes."

Also, this pricing method hurts the professional who can only charge the number of hours worked, which leads to exhaustion and lack of productivity. We suggest switching to other methods after a while.

Monthly Fees

In this case, the planner becomes a trusted advisor or a consultant. The downside of this approach is that some brides will monopolize all the professional's time and growing the business becomes impossible.

In this type of pricing arrangement it is crucial for the professional to build fencing. In other words, a bride schedule a call between 9am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

Price List

This is the most common method of setting the prices for wedding planners (though many don't publish their prices).

This method is very successful as it is transparent and the couple avoids nasty surprises when they receive the bill.

Value Based Pricing

This approach works best for the experienced planners. Instead of charging a flat fee or an hourly rate, the professional charges based on results.

In other words, the planner should charge a rate based on the time and money saved to the couple.

This is an amazing approach that works for the experienced planners who have connections and a lot of experience so they can create a lot of value for the client, but can backfire for a less experienced professional who might not obtain the results, hence received nothing.

Videos on Wedding Planners' Pricing and Packaging

Enjoy the videos below! They will help you gain a better understanding of the packages and fees charged by wedding planners.

Table 2: Comparison of average Toronto wedding planner costs.

PackageAverage Cost in TorontoWedPrices Best Rate
Month of Coordination$1,763$900
Full Wedding Coordination$6,194$2,200

The average was calculated using a proprietary algorithm. To confirm availability and prices, please contact the vendors listed above directly.


In Toronto, a couple can expect to pay on average $1,763 for a Month of Coordination and $6,194 for the Full Wedding Coordination.

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