Toronto Wedding Videography Prices (Updated in 2020)

Wedding Videography Prices in Toronto

Many couples are looking for a videographer to document the beauty of their special day and they always wonder how much is a wedding videographer. According to our extensive research, the average cost of a wedding videographer runs between $2,000 and $3,500. That includes 8 hours of shooting on the wedding day, a 3-5 minute video with highlights of the day and the raw footage delivered on a DVD or a hard drive or cloud drive.

In the GTA, 73% of video professionals charge between $2,000 and $3,500 for 8 hours of video coverage. There are 18% of artists who charge under $2,000 for videography services on the wedding day. Finally, 8% of professionals charge over $3,500 for 8 hours of videography services.

Table 1: How Much do Wedding Videographers Charge in Toronto?

Prices include 8 hours of videography and 1 shooter. All prices are in Canadian Dollars and do not include taxes. For a firm quote and to confirm availability, please contact the vendors directly.

Company NamePrice
Alexandra Jakubowskahttps://www.ajphotographer.ca1372Toronto, ON, Canada
All This Happinesshttp://www.allthishappiness.com2800Toronto, ON, Canada
Am Motionhttp://www.ammotion.com2400Toronto, ON, Canada
Araya Filmshttps://www.arayafilms.com1299Toronto, ON, Canada
Archangel Productionshttp://www.archangelproduction.ca2333Toronto, ON, Canada
Archival Studiohttp://www.archvisualstudio.com1799Toronto, ON, Canada
Beautiful Life Studioshttps://beautifullifestudios.com2933Toronto, ON, Canada
Bright Sky Weddingshttps://www.brightskyweddings.com2799Toronto, ON, Canada
Captivate Photo Cinemahttps://captivatephotocinema.ca2750Toronto, ON, Canada
Captivate Studioshttp://www.captivate-studios.ca1600Toronto, ON, Canada
Ck Videohttp://www.ckvideo.ca1500Toronto, ON, Canada
Corinne McDonaldhttps://www.corinnemcdonaldfilms.com5995Toronto, ON, Canada
Ekena Filmshttps://eksenafilms.com3000Toronto, ON, Canada
Fantastic Workhttp://fantasticwork.ca1699Toronto, ON, Canada
Focus Productionshttps://www.focusphotography.ca2800Toronto, ON, Canada
Fresh Canadian Contenthttps://www.freshcanadiancontent.com1500Toronto, ON, Canada
Just Klik Productionhttps://www.justklikproductions.com3500Toronto, ON, Canada
Light the Dayhttp://www.lighttheday.ca2400Toronto, ON, Canada
Lithium Cinemahttp://www.lithiumcinema.ca2000Toronto, ON, Canada
Love Madlyhttp://lovemadly.ca3500Toronto, ON, Canada
Naturaly Captured, ON, Canada
Ondi Studiohttp://www.ondistudio.com1680Toronto, ON, Canada
Origin Filmshttps://originfilms.ca2400Toronto, ON, Canada
Pic Video Studiohttps://picvideostudio.com2000Toronto, ON, Canada
R2C Films, ON, Canada
Sage and Sea Co.https://www.sageandseaco.com4000Toronto, ON, Canada
Summerfield Filmshttp://summerfieldfilms.ca2350Toronto, ON, Canada
Tara Weddingshttps://taraweddings.ca3300Toronto, ON, Canada
Tied Phtoographyhttps://tiedphotography.com2600Toronto, ON, Canada
Toronto Wedding Photographerhttps://www.torontoweddingphotographer.com1150Toronto, ON, Canada
True Blue Entertainmenthttp://www.trueblueentertainment.ca2399Toronto, ON, Canada
Truth & Taleshttp://truthandtalesstudio.com3000Toronto, ON, Canada
Video Babylonhttp://www.videobabylon.ca1499Toronto, ON, Canada
Video Gemshttps://www.videogems.ca2500Toronto, ON, Canada
Wayne Kurtzhttp://waynekurtz.com2000Toronto, ON, Canada
Wedding Photographers Torontohttp://wedding-photographers-toronto.com1550Toronto, ON, Canada
Wedding Repshttps://weddingreps.com2650Toronto, ON, Canada
Willow Creek, ON, Canada
Yuri Rabinhttps://yurirabin.com1500Toronto, ON, Canada
Blush Wedding Filmshttp://blushweddingfilms.ca2750Toronto, ON, Canada
Power Pack Imageshttps://www.powerpackimages.com1600Toronto, ON, Canada
Elle and Behttp://rnbstudio.ca2400Toronto, ON, Canada
Exposes Studioshttp://www.exposestudios.com949Toronto, ON, Canada
Frame of Mindhttp://www.frameofmindphotography.com2571Toronto, ON, Canada
John and Samantha, ON, Canada
North Cinematichttp://www.northcinematic.com3695Toronto, ON, Canada
Serge Gree Photography and Videgraphyhttps://sergegree.com2000New York, NY, United States (US)
Shutter and Soundhttps://shutterandsound.com2950New York, NY, United States (US)
Le Imagehttps://www.leimageinc.com1599New York, NY, United States (US)
2 Bridgeshttps://www.2bridges.nyc1500New York, NY, United States (US)
The Cinema Factoryhttps://thecinemafactory.com1380New York, NY, United States (US)
Belinda Video Productionshttps://belindavideoproductions.com2700New York, NY, United States (US)
Chris Fighttps://www.chrisfig.com1800New York, NY, United States (US)
New Jersey Videographyhttps://www.newjerseyvideography.com1995New York, NY, United States (US)
NVP Studioshttps://nvpstudios.com2000New York, NY, United States (US)
Shutter & Soundhttps://shutterandsound.com2950New York, NY, United States (US)
DP Weddingshttps://dpweddings.com2900Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Toast Wedding Filmshttps://www.toastweddingfilms.com1849New York, NY, United States (US)
Villa Entertainmenthttps://www.villa-entertainment.com2650New York, NY, United States (US)
Petit Four Filmshttps://www.petitfourfilms.com2299New York, NY, United States (US)
Tweed Weddingshttps://tweedweddings.com2600New York, NY, United States (US)
Paper Boyshttps://www.paperboys.co4495New York, NY, United States (US)
TCE Weddingshttps://www.tceweddings.com1600New York, NY, United States (US)
We Cinema Films York, NY, United States (US)
Zanni Video York, NY, United States (US)
Atomic Tangerine Film Cohttps://www.atomictangerinefilms.com3500New York, NY, United States (US)
Reel Feels Weddingshttp://www.reelfeelsweddings.com5300New York, NY, United States (US)
Towards the Moonhttps://towardsthemoon.net1900New York, NY, United States (US)
Mint Wedding Cinematographyhttp://mintweddingcinematography.com2900New York, NY, United States (US)
A Better DJhttps://www.abetterdj.net699New York, NY, United States (US)
Hasselblad Studios Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Vanilla Brideshttps://vanillabrides.com4199Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Judy and Gavin Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Jordan Walsh Filmshttps://jordanwalshfilms.com3000Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Ever Two Films Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Middle House Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Shutter and Soundhttps://shutterandsound.com2950Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Shutter and Soundhttps://shutterandsound.com2600Atlanta, GA, United States (US)
Shutter and Soundhttps://shutterandsound.com3000Boston, MA, United States (US)
Shutter and Soundhttps://shutterandsound.com2200Chatlotte, NC, United States (US)
Shutter and Soundhttps://shutterandsound.com2950Chicago, IL, United States (US)
Shutter and Soundhttps://shutterandsound.com2900Dallas, TX, United States (US)
Shutter and Soundhttps://shutterandsound.com2400Denver, CO, United States (US)
Shutter and Soundhttps://shutterandsound.com2200Houston, TX, United States (US)
Shutter and Soundhttps://shutterandsound.com2950Miami, FL, United States (US)
Shutter and Soundhttps://shutterandsound.com2950Philadelphia, PA, United States (US)
Shutter and Soundhttps://shutterandsound.com2200Phoenix, AZ, United States (US)
Shutter and Sound Diego, CA, United States (US)
Shutter and Sound Francisco, CA, United States (US)
Shutter and Sound, WA, United States (US)
Shutter and Sound, DC, United States (US)
Nicholas Andrew Films Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Dirt Cheap Wedding Photographyhttps://www.dirtcheapweddingphotography.com1800Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Dirt Cheap Photographyhttps://www.dirtcheapweddingphotography.com2100San Diego, CA, United States (US)
Russel John Filmshttps://www.russelljohnfilms.com3200Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Five 8 Films Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Love Is Wedding Videographyhttps://loveis-weddingvideography.com2295Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
The Cine Storyhttps://www.cinestoryfilms.com3770Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Dmitry Shumanev Productionhttps://shumanev.com6000Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Cheap Event Lighting Rentalhttps://www.cheapeventlightingrental.com2100Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
The Moment Filmshttp://www.themomentfilms.com1999Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Andrew Fels Productionshttps://www.andrewfelsproductions.com2265Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
The Motion Picture Studiohttps://www.theemotionpicturestudio.com2933Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Lloyd Filmshttps://www.lloyd-films.com2295Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Lloyd Films Diego, CA, United States (US)
Dis Moi Oui Filmshttps://www.dismoiouifilms.com3400San Diego, CA, United States (US)
Dis Moi Oui Filmshttps://www.dismoiouifilms.com3400Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Rayne Filmshttps://www.raynefilms.com5495Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Vid Arthttps://vidart.org800Los Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Wedding Videographer Orange County Angeles, CA, United States (US)
Geaux Livehttp://geaux.live2393New Orleans, LA, United States (US)
Geaux Livehttp://geaux.live2393Baton Rouge, LA, United States (US)
Geaux Livehttp://geaux.live2393Lafayette, LA, United States (US)
888 Productions Angeles, CA, United States (US)

What Do Wedding Videography Packages Include?

Based on the data received, professionals include the following in their packages:

- 8 hours of video coverage

- one videographer

- a 3-5 minute clip of edited video highlights

- raw footage in a digital file distributed on hard drives, USBs or cloud

The prices also include transportation within the Greater Toronto Area, unlimited correspondence and several consultations.

Most videographers offer the option of adding a second shooter, extra cameras and

How Much Coverage Do You Need?

Often couples wonder how many hours of videography and photography thei need. In our opinion, 8-10 hours of coverage is sufficient.

Most packages cover the bride and groom preparation, the creative portraits session, the ceremony and reception. Please note that with careful planning, you only need 8 hours of coverage.

Schedule the speeches during dinner, and have the traditional dances (first dance, mother and son and father and daughter dance), the cake cutting and the garter and bouquet toss right after dinner. That way, you won't need more than 1 hour of coverage after dinner.

That schedule works perfect for the videographers and photographers who often have another wedding scheduled for the next day. In fact, most professionals charge extra after 10 or 11 pm coverage.

While that sounds extreme, please keep in mind that the videographer needs to back up your wedding when she arrives home, then clean the equipment, charge all batteries and get ready for the next day. It is very common for the professionals to go to bed around 2-3 am only to wake up early the next morning to be present for their new bride preparation.

How Do Videographers Build Their Packages?

Follow the Leader Method

Most (73%) video professionals charge the going market rates and their packages are built using a method often called "follow the pricing leader". They mimic the pricing models of other artists who have similar styles and perceived value.

Based on discussions with brides and industry professionals the difference between the $3,000 videographer and the studio that charges $10,000 is negligible.  You are of course paying for the fancy showroom and studio, the bottle of champagne that often accompanies signing a contract and other non videography services. Hiring an expensive large studio also gives you bragging rights and if you have the budget, by all means go for it!

Customized Packages for Every Couple

Other professionals charge different prices for the same services depending on how fancy your wedding is. That is why many artists don't publish their prices but rather want to learn more about your big day. Are you getting married at King Edward or Thompson Hotel? You can expect a higher price than another couple who has a backyard wedding.

There is little justification for the difference in prices and that approach is called "price discrimination." This method is also employed by restaurants (they have a menu for the locals and a more pricier one for the tourists), service professionals and so on. In our opinion, there is no reason to hide prices.

Cost plus is another method employed mainly by part time videographers. They often have permanent jobs and offer videography services on the side. Many of them don't own a company, don't pay taxes and prefer cash.

For your information, the wedding industry is considered a "high risk" one by the Canadian Revenue Agency as many payments are cash. In other words, the risk of being audited is higher in the wedding industry. along constructions and other areas.

Pick a Number Method

Other artists entering the industry have no idea of the market rates and just pick a number. Often their prices are either very low or outrageously high as they lack the understanding of the market and their own value.

Free Videography

There is a new trend in the Grater Toronto Area whereby a couple of wedding photography professionals charge for their photography services and offer free videography. For example, the wife focuses on photography and the husband on the video. As this is a relatively new approach, we don't have enough information to comment on its value.

Also, please be aware that often photographers bundle videography services. In other words, they charge a higher price for photography and hire a second shooter to do video. The quality of the footage is often subpar when compared to that offered by an artist that charges for services. After all, you get what you pay for.

Cheap Wedding Videographer

Where can you find a cheap videographer? In our opinion is better to pay a fair price and receive a good final product. After all, we all heard horror stories of lost footage and photos, the professionals not showing up on the wedding day and so on. We know a case where the main videographer quit after the ceremony and the couple asked the limo driver to film the rest of the event using a guest's cheap camera.

You might be very price conscious and maybe the video is not a top priority for you. That is perfectly normal and don't let yourself sold by smooth talking professionals into buying expensive packages.

Check kijiji and Craigslist in your area to find a decent videographer who will do a good job on your wedding day. Our website lists quite a few professionals and some of them offer amazing prices.

What Factors Influence Wedding Videography Prices

There are a series of factors that drive the videographers' packages not only in the Greater Toronto Area or Southern Ontario, but all over the world. Here are those cost drivers.

Number of Shooters

Adding a second videographer will make the productions more expensive and the package has to compensate for the cost of the second videographer. This by the way is also applicable to a photographer.

Number of Hours of Coverage

The longer the coverage the higher the cost. For long weddings the professional has to edit longer films and that costs time and resources. If you want to save money, don't keep both videographers until the end of the party. Ask one to go home or even better, plan the most important events right after the end of dinner. If you schedule the first dance, parents dances, cake cutting and the garter and bouquet toss before 10pm, you will have beautiful photos and films to capture them.Also, you will save a bit of money.

If you on the other hand postpone the above mentioned moments until the end of the party, your guests will enjoy themselves longer and have maybe a few more drinks. Unfortunately, that splendid photo where you throw the bouquet might show a guest that does something silly in the background.

Based on interviews with photographers and videographers the first hour of dances results in the most beautiful imagery. After that, the number of usable scenes drops dramatically as guests have more and more alcohol.


Another major cost driver for professionals is their location. The cost of living, wages, rents are simply higher in downtown Toronto than in London, Ontario. As such, we can expect the packages in the GTA to be more expensive than those of artists outside the GTA.


Often the packages will include 100-150km and additional travel will cost the couple extra.

Marketing Costs

Many brides don't realize how expensive advertising is. An ad in Wedluxe can cost $3,000 per trimester. Somehow the professional has to recoup the cost so your package will include a portion of the marketing costs. If you are a budget conscious bride and see a studio advertise in an expensive print magazine, you might want to reconsider hiring them. However, if videography is very important to you, we strongly advise you to spend the money and receive the film that masterfully captures the essence of your special day.

How Did We Calculate the Average?

We took a look at top wedding videographers in Toronto, Ontario and analyzed their rates and their distribution. Our data clearly shows that the cost of a wedding videographer in Toronto is between $2,500 and $3,000 and can reach $6,000. The packages include an edited film that captures wedding highlights and the raw footage of the whole day. Second shooters, drones and other upgrades come at an additional cost.

Table 2: Average cost of an 8 hour package with one videographer

CostNumber of Studios% of Studios

As you can see above, a whopping 73% of the Toronto wedding videographers surveyed charge between $2,000 and $3,500 for an 8 hour wedding documented by one shooter.

Categories of Videographers in the GTA

Based on our data, we segmented the videographers in the Greater Toronto Area in several categories.

Upscale Film Makers

These are established artists, with hundreds of weddings and many awards under their belt, who can create magic films under any circumstances. They built a solid brand and their shooters are handpicked from the best artists in the area. Their productions are spectacular and the reviews are stellar. Such premium videographers charge north of $5,000 for 8 hours of coverage. These talented artists and savvy business owners represent 22% of the marketplace.

Affordable Videographers

These film makers are talented, the up and coming artists who are not yet well known as their more experienced colleagues. 60% of GTA videographers charge between $2,000 and $3,000 for 8 hours of coverage.

Budget Videographers

These artists are new entrants in the film making arena and their quality is not always consistent. However, from a price point they are attractive as they charge between $1,000 and $2,000 for 8 hours of shooting. These artists represent 18% of the market.

Extremely Cheap Film Makers

You can find even cheaper options but the quality of those artists is so unpredictable and their experience is so little that we do not recommend them. However, if you have no budget, check local Kijiji ads for such newbies as sometimes you might be lucky. They often shoot for free so you cannot lose anything.

Best Price of Value

Before making a purchasing decision, the brides and grooms should ask themselves if they are looking for the best price or the best value in the marketplace.

Here is an example that

Table 3: Packages from 3 videographers

Cost ItemPackage 1Package 2Package 3
Raw Footageincludednot includednot included
Second Shooterincludednot includednot included
Film with highlightsincludedincludednot included

Table 4: Additional Fees charged by the three videographers. Package 1 offers the best value despite the fact Package 3 is the cheapest at the first glance.


Additional FeesPackage 1Package 2Package 3
Time Charges$0$0$500
Travel Charges$0$500$500
Raw Footageincluded$500$500
Digital Imagesincluded$900included
Total Cost = Package + Fees$3,500$4,900$4,000

There is a massive difference between price and value. If you are looking at price only, when everything is said and done, you will only be happy with the price. Value is the best indicator of a good deal.

Table 5: Comparison of average Toronto wedding videographers' costs by duration of the shoot.

DurationAverage Cost in TorontoWedPrices Best Rate
1 h$338$187
2 h$676$375
3 h$1,014$562
4 h$1,351$749
5 h$1,689$936
6 h$2,027$1,124
7 h$2,365$1,311
8 h$2,475$1,372
9 h$2,784$1,686
10 h$3,094$1,873

The average in Toronto was calculated using a proprietary algorithm. To confirm availability and obtain a quote, please contact the vendors listed above.

In the city of Toronto, for a one hour video shoot a couple can expect to pay on average $338 plus taxes. For a 6 hour coverage the average cost is $2,027 while for a 10 hour wedding a couple would pay $3,094 plus taxes.


A videographer costs around 4-6% of your wedding budget. The average price wedding videography in Toronto can run between $2,000 and $3,500 and sometimes can exceed $5,000. Packages usually include 8 to hours of coverage and two videographers.
In Canada (outside the GTA), couples pay between $1,500 and $2,500 for wedding photography services.

Thank you!

We would like to thank our colleague, the Toronto wedding photographer Calin ( for his ideas and help with this article.

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